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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Roddy Trumpet - an amazing resource!

This is the best site i've found in ages. It's called 'Roddy Trumpet' and it's got sooooooooooo much trumpet related stuff I don't know where to start. It's got the usual sound and video clips, and method advice areas. But it's also got great, original sections like the "Trumpet Celebrity Interviews" page, where the author has compiled a large archive of interviews with some of the best pros in the business.

The best bit of the site for me however, is the complete 'Cat Anderson Scream Trumpet Method' online. For anyone who doesn't know, Cat Anderson was lead trumpet with Duke Ellington for a long time and is well known for his amazing high notes (just go listen to Rockin' in Rhythm). I don't know where he found this, but it is literally a copy of Anderson's book which you can read for free.

This is a really good site. Click here to visit.


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