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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Birmingham Cornetts and Sackbuts - Sacrae Symphoniae

Ok, so it's not strictly trumpet related, but i thought i'd plug an young up-and-coming British cornett and sackbut ensemble called Sacrae Symphoniae.

The group is based in Birmingham (UK), and aim to provide well-researched, historically informed performances of pre-18th century music. Their next performance is this coming Friday (19th May) at 6:00pm in the Upper Cloister Hall at Birmingham Oratory. Tickets for this concert are £5/3 and will be availablee on the door.

It's definitelyy worth a look if you're interested in any kind of early music, or if you just fancy a change from Mahler or Beethoven. For more information, visit the groups website http://www.sacraesymphoniae.co.uk/.

PS: if you don't know what a cornett and sackbutt are, then click here to learn more.


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