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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Trumpeter of Krakow - a heroic story

The city of Kradow was once the capital of what is now Poland. In the city there is a Church with a high tower, and everyday on the hour a trumpeter plays a fanfare. The fanfare is repeated four times, but it always ends suddenly on a broken note.

The reason for this is the stuff of legend. One day in the 13th century the trumpeter was in the tall tower when he saw a large cloud of dust on the horizon. Watching, he soon realised the dust was in fact a huge army of Tartar's coming to destroy the city. In order to warn the city of the impending danger the trumpeter played a loud fanfare 3 times from the north, east and south sides of the tower. Yet as he turned to the west and played the final warning, a Tartar archer spotted him and shot him through the throat. The final fanfare was cut short, yet the city had been alerted and was able to mount a successful defense. Therefore, to this day, young trumpeters play from the tower in homage to that brave man years ago.

To read more about this topic goto http://www.kresy.co.uk/hejnal.html
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