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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Trumpeter of Krakow - a heroic story

The city of Kradow was once the capital of what is now Poland. In the city there is a Church with a high tower, and everyday on the hour a trumpeter plays a fanfare. The fanfare is repeated four times, but it always ends suddenly on a broken note.

The reason for this is the stuff of legend. One day in the 13th century the trumpeter was in the tall tower when he saw a large cloud of dust on the horizon. Watching, he soon realised the dust was in fact a huge army of Tartar's coming to destroy the city. In order to warn the city of the impending danger the trumpeter played a loud fanfare 3 times from the north, east and south sides of the tower. Yet as he turned to the west and played the final warning, a Tartar archer spotted him and shot him through the throat. The final fanfare was cut short, yet the city had been alerted and was able to mount a successful defense. Therefore, to this day, young trumpeters play from the tower in homage to that brave man years ago.

To read more about this topic goto http://www.kresy.co.uk/hejnal.html
If you want to play the famous signal try downloading the free music from: http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/lichtmann/tptsolos.html

Trumpet Boredom - Hummel 8va and more!

Scanning the internet recently I came across this brilliant site called Trumpet Boredom. Living up to its name, the site generally provides you with all manner of weird, crazy, trumpet related rubbish with which to amuse yourself if you are ever bored. One of the best features is a "Sounds" section which has a collection of trumpet audio clips made by the site's designers. The recordings feature everything from the theme from Legend of Zelda to the Hummel concerto up the octave! But don't take my word for it, click here to visit them NOW!

Pop's Trumpet College

Sorry for lack of posts. I've been ill with Sinusitis. However I'm back now! Here is a site I recently discovered. It's called Pop's Trumpet College and it provides help on anything trumpet related. Whether it's high register, buzzing or pedal tones there will be an article here for you! So check it out - click here.